2nd race of the CIK-FIA „U18“ World Championship in Essay / France - 30.8.2011

The 2nd round of the U18 World Championship was held in Essay / France on 26 – 28th August 2011. The MS KART make was represented there by all 6 pilots: Jiří Forman, Petr Běžel, Gabriela Jílková and Bára Štěpánová from Czech Republic, Evgeny Shershun from Russia and Magnus Ruud Kjaer from Denmark.

In the time practice on Satturday morning the best result from our pilots made Jirka Forman – 10th position out of 74 drivers. Petr Běžel finished 13th, Gabriela Jílková 18th, Magnus Ruud Kjaer 33rd, Barbora Štěpánová 65th and Evgeny Shershun 67th. The fastest one was the Dutch driver Dave Blom.

The race went on with qualification heats where Gabriela Jílková reached the best position on MS KART. She placed on the 12th position after she finished in the individual heats as follows: 4, 5, 9 and 6. Our biggest favourite Jirka Forman was very fast but becasue of an unlucky first heat he made the total 16th place only. His results were: 25, 2, 3, 3. Petr Běžel finished on place 19. He was also very fast but the same as Jirka he did not succeed in the fisrt heat: 25, 2, 4, 4. Magnus Ruud Kjaer finished on place 45, Evgeny Shershun 59 and Barbora Štěpánová 66. Jílková, Forman and Běžel qualified for the prefinal.

Jirka Forman had a good start in the prefinal and took a good position but after that a german driver behind of him knocked him out in a brutal way. The incident was realy nasty and Jirka was lucky that he did not get injured. However, he had to start from the back in the final. Immediatelly after the start there was a big colision which Jirka tried to avoid but during driving through a narrow place he bumped with his rear wheel into some of the karts and bent the rear axle. So, the final finished for him...

The best result out of our drivers finally made Gabriela Jílková, who finished on the 16th place. But it was not an easy race for her as well. After the colision on the start of he final heat she drove quite well together with Petr Běžel. Petr managed to drive up to the 12th and Gabriela was directly behind him. But in the half of the race both of them dropped back to the end of the racing grid. Then both drove forward again and raced around 16th place. In the last round Petr dropped back once again and finally finished on position 21st. Only Gabriela stayed on place 16.

The winner was the Dutch pilot Anthoine Hubert.

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