The Czech driver Adam Kout is European vice-champion in Superkart for 2017

The Czech kart racer and factory driver of the MS Kart team Adam Kout entered to the third event of the Superkart European championship, held between the 27 and 29 October in La Mans, France in an excellent way. Saturday, he won both parts of the qualification so he secured the pole position for both final races. The first race took place at the end of the Saturday program. At the beginning of the race, Adam fought for the first place with his greatest rival, Peter Elkmann, but during the second half of the race he was not able to beat the winner Elkmann and finished on the second place.  The Saturday race thus did not decide about the European title and the battle for the Superkart "champion" was postponed to the final race on Sunday.

Peter Elkmann was a leader in the standings with sufficient lead, but Adam had still a real chance to defend the title from previous two years. To the contrary in case of a bad result, Adam could be classified in the final classification of European championship only on a third place. Therefore thorough preparation for the final race in the factory team was performed and already the time in the morning warm-up has shown that the material for Adam Kout was perfectly prepared. Nevertheless, everything happened following a scenario, nobody would expect. Just before the start of Superkart, an extremely serious accident occurred in the Lotus Cup race. The disencumbering of the driver from the Lotus wreck took more than an hour and the start of the Superkarts was given with a great delay. But immediately after the start, in the first chicane under the "Dunlop", another serious accident of several drivers occurred, and again the disencumbering of one of them took almost an hour. The race was logically stopped immediately after the crash by a red flag. These two serious situations disturbed the time schedule in a measure that the second, final race of Superkarts was completely canceled. The standings of the European championship after the first race became thus the final results of the three-part European championship of this year Superkart CIK-FIA 2017. Adam Kout and the Czech factory team MS Kart Racing finished on the second place and brought from Le Mans the tittle of -European champion for the year 2017. The German driver Peter Elkmann became the European champion.


Final results of European championship CIK-FIA 2017

1. Elkmann Peter - VM Motor Racing team - Anderson / VM

2. Kout Adam - MS Kart Racing team - MS Kart / DEA

3. Morley Liam - Anderson / DEA

4. Clark Daniel - Anderson / VM

5. De Brabander Yannick - MS Kart / VM


Text: Vráťa Ondráček