8.3.2012 - France


 1st race and already a podium with MS Kart


 The season has begun very early this year. The snow was still on the track few days before the race. 

Last week-end, on the 25th and 26th of February, was the first race of the Aquitaine’s (South-West) league. This race was common with 2 others leagues (Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon). It was the certainty to have all the best drivers of the south of France on the circuit. 

The last race of Jérôme Billé in October 2011 had been the opportunity to celebrate his 4th title as champion. 

With no test during 5 months, Jérôme discovered the MS Kart for the first time the day of the race. The challenge was quite interesting. The MS Kart is really easy to drive with a good lateral and rear grip. Different set up have been tested in a limited time (and during the race!). 

Starting in last position due to an optimistic driver in the first lap of the prefinal , Jérôme has realized a good final with the 2nd time and the second position behind the vice-French champion 2009. 

The next race will be at the end of April on the Layrac circuit: enough time to experience the different parameters offered by the MSKart chassis.