3.1.2012 - SWEDEN

Jonathan Arvidsson, Betsele, Sweden
Racing season 2011
Here, up in the north, racing season 2011 is over since quite a long time - but the preparations for next season have already started. We look back at a season with mixed results. And maybe the greatest satisfaction didn’t occur…
Yet, it has been a really good season seeing learning as a point of view. Everything has been new to us. New chassis, new engine, new speed and new method of driving. In the beginning of the season there were big problems with the adjustments of the chassis and the engine but we believe that most of them now have been figured out. The adaptation from formel micro to formel mini wasn’t that easy for Jonathan either. Early we saw his capacity and that he had the speed but in the races he needed more experience and to shape his way of driving - choosing the right track, practicing good overtaking, knowing when to hit the break and when to add full gas etc. Through the whole season Jonathan drove really fast and never started worse than third place in the finals (nearly almost second places) and that is important to remember when you look at the fairly mediocre results.
Piteå 14-15/5:        Riviera Cup  Third place
Örnsköldsvik 28/5:           Northern Cup         11th place
Östersund 4/6:       Northern Cup         4th place
Lycksele 27/7:        Hotel Lappland Race        Second place
Lycksele 29/7:        Northern Cup         6th place
Voullerim 13/8:     Northern Cup         5th place
Luleå 14/8:              Northern Cup         Second place
Skellefteå 27/8:     District Final            8th place
Umeå 3/9                Northern Cup Final           11th place
Total in the district:                                  4th place
Total in the Northern Cup:                     6th place
One race we won’t forget is when Jonathan competed at his home track the 29th of July. He scored third time at time practice and was to go out from third position in the first final, when he got sick. He got fever and felt very sick and had to lie down and went to sleep in the middle of the day. Later we understood that he was dehydrated. He didn’t make it to the first final and when the second final took place Jonathan was standing beside the track still not feeling well. But as it was time for the big final Jonathan was feeling fine again and ready to race. However he had to start from the last position – 25th place. He finished as number six! He “only” needed to make 19th overtaking! Good practice! J
The last race of the season was Gothenburg Big Trophy (9-11/9) – just like last year. In our eyes Jonathan earned the status of a hero! Gothenburg Big Trophy is the place for gathering the best drivers in the northern Europe and on that map Lycksele is a very, very tiny village. “See and learn” is the deal for all drivers from our motor club. Jonathan finished at 12th place after problems with the rain and big troubles making the right tire adjustments. He had a good chance to take a place amongst the five best in the race but he couldn’t parry a cord and went out of the track a couple of times. Although, Jonathan had the best result in the race counting all the drivers from northern Sweden including all classes, and that is something to be very proud of. But that isn’t all. Jonathan had thevery best time in the time driving and started in pole position in the first final! Coming from a small club up in the north, that is something else!
We can only say that we’re extremely thankful that you believe in us and to have you’re support. We want to continue to drive with a chassis from MS next year also and we can promise you that we will do our best to peak the results from this season. Next year we have a focus on profits and we think we have a good chance of winning the Northern Cup in formel mini – just like we did in the year of 2010 in formel micro. The learning season is over!
As we speak, we’re planning a trip to Barcelona in the end of February in order to be able to an earlier start of next season. We’re also looking for a second engine to assure us of a season without as much technical problems as possible.                             
In hope for another season with your support!
Best regards

Team Jonathan Arvidsson