20.7.2012, Canada

Hello Milena and Milan,

The first race with the new chassis was completed on the weekend and I must say it was a success.  The race was held on the same track as the Canadian Championships will be held at the end of August.  Needless to say all quick drivers were on site for testing for the National championship.

After 2 short days of testing (temperature was 42 deg. C with humidex factor and track temperature was 46 deg C.) because of the excessive heat we found a relatively quick setup.  In Sundays qualifying we were 1st and confident for the race.  In the Pre-final, I was 1st for 8 out of the 12 laps and then battled for the lead for the last two laps but fell short of the win by .318 sec. 

For the Final, we made slight changes and the track temperature was increasing quickly.  In the final we were starting second and took the lead after the start for 7 out of 18 laps, then battled for the lead till lap 10 and then started losing rear grip.  We had not made enough changes to free up the chassis with such high track temperatures.  I tried to stay with the leader but could not do so and started losing ground to the third place driver which overtook me on lap 15 of 18.

All in all it was a good weekend with a lesson learnred for the National event.  The chassis quality was excellent with the changes and we will get more track time in the coming weeks in order to stay fresh for the Candian Championships at the end of August, because I definetaly want to see you and Milan again at the World Championships in Portugal. 

Till then thanks again for the great equipment!

David Ivichek

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