CIK-FIA „U18“ World Championship


CIK-FIA U18 World Championship: Easthope master in Braga

 With a blue sky, sunshine and comfortable temperatures, the weather had decided to be kind for the opening of the third edition of the U18 World Championship (for those under 18 years of age) in Braga, Portugal. But to have a hope of shining under the sun it was first of all necessary to overcome the pitfalls of the Qualifying Heats to be among the 34 finalists out of 71 Drivers. It was then necessary to perform well in the two Prefinals, and particularly the second with its completely reversed starting grid. And after all of that, the winner had to be fastest in the 24-lap Final …

Henry Easthope (Sodi) was undeniably fast throughout the Portuguese weekend. In Qualifying Practice and in the Qualifying Heats, the Briton was never out of first place! His only fright came in the second Prefinal, contested from a reversed starting grid, when he was involved in an accident and relegated to the rear of the pack. He still managed to climb to 2nd on the grid for the Final, proving untouchable in the last confrontation, the most important. More than 3 seconds from the Briton, the battle for second place involved Charles Leclerc (ART GP) and the Frenchman Anthoine Hubert. After some superb overtaking manoeuvres, the Monegasque Driver, winner of the Academy Trophy last year, took the second step on the podium. In pole on the accumulated results of the two Prefinals, the Briton Ricky Collard, son of Robert Collard who races touring cars in Great Britain, slowly fell back but still scored points for 4th place after getting the better of his compatriots Benjamin Barnicoat and Sam Webster who like him were driving the ART GP chassis. The Top 10 was completed by the Italian Marco Maestranzi (PCR), the Australian Joseph Mawson (Top Kart), poorly rewarded for his speed after having to abandon one of the Prefinals, the Dane Martin Mortensen (FK) and the Russian Georgy Antonov (MS Kart). Rarely among the leaders, World Champion Matthew Graham (Zanardi) had to indulge in damage limitation to take 11th place at the chequered flag, better than the Frenchman Jules Gounon, who had every hope of being in the Top 10 before a collision on the first lap. He finally finished in 19th place. 

In addition to scoring points in the Final, Drivers had already banked some after the Qualifying Heats. After accumulating the two results, Henry Easthope leads the Championship ahead of four drivers on 3 points: Martin Mortensen, Charles Leclerc, Anthoine Hubert and Joseph Mawson. It promises to be a battle royal for the second Round of the U18 World Championship in Angerville (France) on the last weekend of August


CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy: general satisfaction after the Official Test Days


Clement weather throughout, a track acclaimed by everyone, no major technical problems, a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on track with no fewer than 10 sessions, each of 20 minutes … there was no shortage of explanations for the smiling faces in the paddock during the Official Test Days for the CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and the Academy Trophy.

For two days, the drivers in the U18 World Championship were able to (re)try the WKE engine, provided free of charge by FIM, on the Friuli Venezia track in Northern Italy. “As there’s no exhaust valve, this engine is a little less powerful than a KF2 engine,” explained Charles Leclerc (ART GP) from Monaco, winner of the Academy Trophy last year and heralded among the competition favourites. “But I’m amazed by its mid-range power. More importantly, performances are practically the same and it’s really the driver who makes the difference.”

When all the sessions were over and after more than 160 laps had been completed, the fastest proved to be the British driver Benjamin Barnicoat, heir apparent to Leclerc last year in the Academy Trophy and also member of the ART GP team. With 10 drivers no more than 3 tenths of a second apart, differences were at a minimum and several other drivers stood out, like the Finnish Jussi Kuusiniemi (Haase), the British driver Ricky Collard (ART GP), the Italian Armando Iannaccone (Parolin), Tuomas Tujula (Haase) from Finland, Charles Leclerc (ART GP), the Swiss driver Severin Amweg (ART GP), the Russian Georgy Antonov (MS Kart), the Ukrainian Oleksandr Tkachenko (Zanardi) and another Finn, Aatu Moilanen (Haase). In a little less than a month’s time, on the track at Braga in Portugal, all of these drivers will be back among their other rivals who did not take part in these Test-Days to kick off a championship which promises to be extremely exciting!

The same applies to the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy. For this competition, in which drivers officially represent their national federations, all the participants are placed on a strictly equal footing with the supply, totally free of charge, of Parolin-FIM karts and LeCont tyres. They were also able to try out their vehicles on the beautiful Friuli Venezia track. The Austrian Max Hofer was fastest at the end of the two Test-Days ahead of the Mattia Drudi (Italy), George Russell and Alex Gill (Britain), Lukas Wenig (Germany), Benjamin Lessennes (Belgium), Alexander Maslennikov (Russia), Javier Cobian (Spain), Petru Gabriel Florescu (Romania) and Lundgaard (Denmark). Times were only indicative and will be confirmed in the first heat of the competition which, like the U18 World Championship, will begin in Portugal (6 to 8 July) before meetings in France (Angerville, 24 to 26 August) and finally in Bahrain (8 to 10 November).

The CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy promise to be thrilling!

For its third edition, the CIK-FIA U18 (under 18) World Championship looks more exciting than ever. While the official Test Days are organised during the first June weekend on the track of Friuli Venezia, in Northern Italy, the entry list is indeed swarming with candidates to a highly-coveted world title.

Drivers will once again all dispose of a single-engine, baptised WKE, which is supplied on a free basis by FIM. As regards chassis, on the other hand, they must choose 1 of the 18 officially entered makes. Let us remember that in order to limit costs the number of spare parts is limited.

The concept has again proved its justification since no fewer than 80 Drivers from 24 countries (and 4 continents) are entered. Although the reigning World Champion of this competition reserved for Drivers under 18 years old, the young Briton Matthew Graham (Zanardi), is tipped as favourite, France’s Anthoine Hubert (FK), third last year, is not planning to make matters easy for him. In a field comprising both regular entrants in this competition and new-comers, one will also keep a close eye on the two last winners of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy: Monaco’s Charles Leclerc (ART GP), winner in 2011, and his predecessor, the Finn Niklas Tiihonen (Energy).

Held as a support to the U18 World Championship in the three scheduled meetings (after the Portuguese stage of Braga, competitors will go Angerville, in France, and then to Bahrain), this Academy Trophy will also be renewed. Everyone will use strictly identical equipment, i.e. Parolin chassis powered by FIM engines, the complete karts being placed free of charge at the disposal of Drivers selected by their national Federations. There will be a total of 51 karts for representatives of 37 countries and 1 lady Driver to be selected by the “FIA Women in Motor Sport Commission”.

47 Drivers have already entered, and the lady representative will be selected on Saturday 2 June in Precenicco, on the Friuli Venezia track, shortly before the start of the Test Days for the Championship; which means that 3 places are still to be allocated. The competition promises to be very open, even though Britain’s George Russel, European KF3 Champion in 2011, seems to be the firm favourite. In any case, for all these competitors the countdown has already begun before the first meeting, scheduled for Braga from 6 to 8 July!

“U18” World Championship: final deadline to enter


Taking into account the changes to the 2012 calendar further to the impossibility to maintain the World KF1 Championship on the European continent, the CIK-FIA has decided to leave the “U18” World Championship entries open until 23 April (at midnight, Swiss time) so as to enable Drivers wishing to do so to reconsider the programme of their season. The on-line entry form is available by clicking here.

74 Drivers have validated their entry for this “U18” World Championship, which confirms the success of the “economical” character of the formula. The official entry list will be published next week.

As a reminder, the sporting regulations of the Championship will also allow participations targeted on the sole French (Angerville) and/or Bahrain events thanks to specific entries.

In parallel to this “U18” World Championship a new edition of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy will be held. By comparison with the two previous seasons, several new nations will join this prestigious competition which looks like a Nations’ Cup. The USA, Canada, Australia, Lebanon and Sri Lanka are among these new countries.



Entries for the 2012 CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship open today !

Although the first event of the CIK-FIA World “U18” Championship is scheduled for 8 July (Braga, Portugal), the first start of the “U18” World Championship is given today, with the opening of entries on

As a reminder, the total of entries will be limited to 102 and the first to enter will be the first served.

In 2011, 89 entries were validated.

Taking into account the larger number of chassis brand involved in the World Championship, (18 in 2012 compared to 15 in 2011), the limit of 102 maybe reached this year. Drivers interested in entering this World Championship on the appealing terms (free engines for all, frozen chassis and accessories for the whole season) are therefore advised not to wait before entering online!

2012 U18 CIK-FIA World Championship Race Calender:
2 testing days        12-13/05              (most probably Casteletto/IT)
1st race                 6-8/07                  Braga/P
2nd race                24-26/08              Angerville/F
3rd race                 1-3/11                  Bahrain/BHR

Dear Sirs,
we are pleased to inform you that, thanks to a big interest of foreign drivers in our MS KART chassis, we decided to enter our MS KART make into the 2012 CIK-FIA U18 World Championship again.
In case you will take part at this championship you have the possibility to start with the newest model of our chassis MS KART Blue Falcon KF, which you can buy from us or rent for the purpose of the partecipation in 2012 U18 World Championship only. Detailed information and prices will be provided by phone +420388313387 – Mrs. Milena Vachtfeitlová or by e-mail at the following address:
2012 U18 CIK-FIA World Championship Race Calender:
2 testing days    12-13/05              (most probably Casteletto/IT)
1st race                6-8/07                  Braga/P
2nd race              24-24/08              Angerville/F
3rd race               1-3/11                  Bahrain/BHR




Jiří Forman finished 5th at the CIK-FIA „U18“ World Championship in Sarno (IT)

The last round of the 2011 CIK-FIA "U18" World Championship and Academy Trophy was held on the track Sarno in Italy on the passed weekend (4-6th November). Our pilot Jiří Forman on MS KART reached a great success in the final race finishing on position 5 !!

Magnus Ruud Kjaer from Denmark got a nice 21st place. 

Out of other drivers starting with MS KART, the Czech Petr Běžěl was not very lucky on the italian track and he unfortunately did qualified for the final as well as Evgeny Shershun from Russia. Gabriela Jílková and Barbora Štěpánová, both girl-pilots from Czech Republic, did not start in the 3rd and last round of the „U18“ WC at all. 

The new 2011 "U18" World Champion became Graham Matthew from Great Britain on Zanardi.  


Suspenseful season end

The CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy will bring in their verdicts this first November weekend on the circuit of Sarno, near Naples. At the foot of the Vesuvius volcano there is full suspense in both categories and the debates are likely to be… explosive!

As participants will have identical engines – supplied on a free basis further to a lottery by the FIM company – the U18 World Championship guarantees that they all have the same winning opportunities. And as a matter of fact it is not pure hazard that several of them can still claim the world crown of Drivers under 18 years old on the Sarno circuit in a final scheduled for 4 to 6 November. Unless there is an incredible reversal of situation, three Drivers should fight for this highly coveted title.

On the smallest step of the podium at Ortona’s opening event, the Finn Pyry Ovaska (Maranello) also shone in the French stage of Essay where he finished the Final in second place. Although he has not yet won, he will therefore start the last round of this exciting season as leader. 16 year-old Pyry is determined to show to his opponents that he also belongs to the “Flying Finns” lineage, a qualifier initially given to Finnish rallymen but that Kimi Räikkönen and others also “exported” to circuits.

Against Maranello Team’s Finish Driver we shall logically find the winners of the first two meetings. Laureate in Italy, young Matthew Graham (Zanardi) also demonstrated how fast he was. Thanks to his third place in Normandy this 15 year-old Briton retains every chances of eventually prevailing. He will however have to prove fast right from the beginning of the weekend because it was in the Qualifying Heats (in which Championship points are already allocated) that he lost ground to the competition leader.

Finally, the third man in this title chase should be France’s Anthoine Hubert. Having celebrated his 15th birthday last September, the works Sodikart’s protégé is the youngest candidate to the crown. Runner-up last year in the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy where he represented his country, Anthoine wants to repeat his Essay victory and thus chance his luck until the end. However, with a personal tally of 95 points (compared to 136 for Ovaska and 107 for Graham), he is aware that he will not be the sole master of his fate.

As there is still a maximum of 75 points to be allocated (25 after the Qualifying Heats and 50 in the Final) every top 10 Driver is mathematically in for the title fight. The Dutchman Dave Blom (Intrepid, 88 points), the Briton Henry G. Easthope (Sodi, 86), Finland’s Tomi Katajamäki (Maranello, 77), Austria’s Stephan Riener (Intrepid, 75), the German Lucas Speck (Mach 1, 71), the Spaniard Toni Alarcón (Righetti Ridolfi, 68) and the very fast – but so far also very unlucky – Italian Antonio Maria Giovinazzi (PCR, 67) can therefore still dream of succeeding Jake Dennis, champion in 2010, should the leading Drivers have a catastrophic weekend.

Faithful to the Championship, the Australian Aidan Wright (Zanardi) will again travel across the world to participate in this last race. Winner of the last round of the Australian KF1 Championship a few days ago, Aidan is still hoping to reach the aim he has set for himself, namely finishing his maiden World Championship in the top 10.

It is also worth noting that this U18 World Championship formula is appealing to more and more Drivers and, in fact, three further new-comers will try their hand at that world competition in Sarno: the Frenchman Julien Carpentier (Sodi), the Italian Vincenzo Soriano (Parolin) and Switzerland’s Vincenzo Alvaro (Swiss-Hutless), recently crowned in his country’s “Sport 125” category.

Additional information and live results available on >>

Link to the event Media Guide: >>

Link to the U18 WKC classification before round 3: >> 

2nd race of the CIK-FIA „U18“ World Championship in Essay / France

The 2nd round of the U18 World Championship was held in Essay / France on 26 – 28th August 2011. The MS KART make was represented there by all 6 pilots: Jiří Forman, Petr Běžel, Gabriela Jílková and Bára Štěpánová from Czech Republic, Evgeny Shershun from Russia and Magnus Ruud Kjaer from Denmark.

In the time practice on Satturday morning the best result from our pilots made Jirka Forman – 10th position out of 74 drivers. Petr Běžel finished 13th, Gabriela Jílková 18th, Magnus Ruud Kjaer 33rd, Barbora Štěpánová 65th and Evgeny Shershun 67th. The fastest one was the Dutch driver Dave Blom.

The race went on with qualification heats where Gabriela Jílková reached the best position on MS KART. She placed on the 12th position after she finished in the individual heats as follows: 4, 5, 9 and 6. Our biggest favourite Jirka Forman was very fast but becasue of an unlucky first heat he made the total 16th place only. His results were: 25, 2, 3, 3. Petr Běžel finished on place 19. He was also very fast but the same as Jirka he did not succeed in the fisrt heat: 25, 2, 4, 4. Magnus Ruud Kjaer finished on place 45, Evgeny Shershun 59 and Barbora Štěpánová 66. Jílková, Forman and Běžel qualified for the prefinal.

Jirka Forman had a good start in the prefinal and took a good position but after that a german driver behind of him knocked him out in a brutal way. The incident was realy nasty and Jirka was lucky that he did not get injured. However, he had to start from the back in the final. Immediatelly after the start there was a big colision which Jirka tried to avoid but during driving through a narrow place he bumped with his rear wheel into some of the karts and bent the rear axle. So, the final finished for him...

The best result out of our drivers finally made Gabriela Jílková, who finished on the 16th place. But it was not an easy race for her as well. After the colision on the start of he final heat she drove quite well together with Petr Běžel. Petr managed to drive up to the 12th and Gabriela was directly behind him. But in the half of the race both of them dropped back to the end of the racing grid. Then both drove forward again and raced around 16th place. In the last round Petr dropped back once again and finally finished on position 21st. Only Gabriela stayed on place 16.

The winner was the Dutch pilot Anthoine Hubert.

For complete results please click here >>


"U18" World Championship and Academy Trophy: final at Sarno

By an unanimous vote among the members of the Commission Internationale de Karting-FIA, it has been decided to entrust the organisation of the third and final round of the 2011 CIK-FIA "U18" World Championship and Academy Trophy to the Circuito Internazionale de Sarno-Napoli in Italy, replacing the event that was originally scheduled to be run in Bahrain. The date of the event remains as on the initial calendar, i.e. 4-6 November 2011.



2nd round of the U18 World Championship in Essay/FR - Edukart brochure

Dear pilots,

Please find below a link to the Edukart brochure prepared for the Essay event which includes 28 questions / answers on topics connected with the FIA, the CIK, the Technical and Sporting Regulations, safety, the environment and the history of Karting. A hard copy of the brochure will be delivered to all of you at the Sporting Checks at Essay as well.

All the Drivers are invited to examine them. At the French event of the “U18” Karting World Championship and Academy Trophy, Friday morning will be dedicated to this EduKart programme, and all the Drivers shall participate in the quiz. They will have to demonstrate their assimilation of the topics treated by answering, on terminals provided for this purpose. In each category (“U18” and Academy), the three Drivers who achieve the best EduKart results will be summoned to mount a podium especially organised on Sunday afternoon, to be honoured and rewarded.

The EduKart Karting Quiz is available in 12 languages and can be downloaded, for study, from the CIK website.

Yours faithfully.

Jean-Luc Degeilh

Assistant - CIK-FIA Technical Department 


CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship Third Round to be Rescheduled

The Commission Internationale de Karting of the FIA (CIK-FIA) today announced that the third rounds of the 2011 CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy races tabled for November 5th in Bahrain are set to be rescheduled.
Following discussions between the CIK, FIA, Bahrain Motor Federation and Bahrain International Circuit (BIC), it was mutually agreed that the Bahrain fixtures should be re-located for this season to bring the CIK-FIA in-line with the decision of the BIC last month to withdraw from hosting Bahrain’s Formula 1 Grand Prix during this season’s racing calendar.
CIK-FIA recognise the extraordinary effort and investment made by the BIC in the construction and establishment of a new state-of-the-art Karting track, which was due to be unveiled at November’s races, and very much looks forward to the Bahrain event returning to next year’s CIK-FIA calendar.
The new venue and timings for this year’s third round competition legs will be announced by the CIK-FIA over the coming days and it is hoped that the fixture dates themselves will remain largely unaltered.



Spotlight on Ortona for the Opening of the CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy
This weekend of 8-10 July the CIK-FIA is preparing to launch the second edition of the “U18” World Championship and Karting Academy Trophy on the new track of Ortona, in the Italian Abruzzi. For this circuit with very complete and modern infrastructures it will be the first organisation within the framework of the CIK-FIA Championships.
133 Drivers from the five continents are expected, which represents a neat progression (+ 23%) compared to 2010. There is therefore a genuine support from Drivers and Federations to the groundbreaking concepts of these competitions imagined and implemented by the CIK and FIA.
Open to 15 to 18 years old Drivers, the “U18” World Championship which will comprise three events is very akin to the Moto2 category launched in 2010 by the FIM, the International Motorcycle Federation. With the same aims – cost reduction and promotion of Drivers through equal opportunities – the formula is almost identical: single-make tyres and engines for everyone allocated by drawing lots. In Karting, LeCont and Parolin go as far as placing their products at the disposal of all Drivers free of charge! The budgets have thus been revised… downwards, so much so that they are four to five times lower than those required for the other major championships!
Who will be next on the list of results of this “U18” World Championship after the Briton Jake Dennis and Top Kart, holder of the World Karting makes Champion title? It is anybody’s guess. As regards brands, all the ones entered in 2010 will again join the party and will even be accompanied this time by two prestigious labels covered in awards: Zanardi and Swiss Hutless. Regarding Drivers, several of them have already shone on the international scene, like the Italian Giuliano Niceta (winner of the 2009 CIK-FIA World Cup for KF3), Britain’s Matthew Graham (CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF3 Championship in 2010), France’s Anthoine Hubert (runner-up in the 2010 CIK-FIA Academy Trophy) and Léo Roussel (recent pole-position-sitter in the CIK-FIA World KF1 Championship in Germany), the Austrian Stefan Riener (who made it to a “U18” podium last year in France) or the Swiss Alain Valente (winner of the 2011 Margutti Trophy). However – and it is characteristic of the formula adopted for this Championship –, a surprise could very well come from Drivers whose international experience is limited but whose national results speak for themselves, such as the Australian Aidan Wright, the Czech Petr Bezel and Jiri Forman, the Belgian Sébastien Bedoret, the Swiss Yves Von Aesh, the Dutchman Joël Affolter or Italy’s “Speedy”, Simone Favaro and Antonio Maria Giovinazzi, not forgetting the Danish delegation, directly supported by its Federation within the framework of the ambitious “DASU Danish National Team” programme.
The menu of the “U18” World Championship events will be reinforced by an Academy Trophy for 13 to 15 years old youngsters. The Trophy has a double particularity: on the one hand all the Drivers will receive on a free basis their “turn-key” Parolin-FIM kart at each race; and on the other hand, with nearly as many nationalities as karts at the start (43 countries represented out of the total of 50 entries), the competition will resemble a Nations’ Cup, with a fine representation of Asian, European, African and South American countries. For a few countries like Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, India and Albany, it will even be the very first participation of one of their licence-holders in a CIK-FIA Karting Championship.
There are also two lady Drivers on the entry list, Thailand’s Thunchanok Hirunvanijkul and the winner of the selection contest jointly organised by the CIK and the FIA “Women in Motor Sport” Commission, France’s Lucile Cypriano.
Once they have taken place under their standardised paddock tent and received their equipment by drawing lots on Friday morning, Drivers will get to the track for their maiden running at 13h00. Saturday will be dedicated to the last non-qualifying practice, then to qualifying practice and the first selection heats. On Sunday the last heats will be held in the morning, and the afternoon will be fully reserved for the final phases, with no fewer than seven races. All the classifications will be available in real time on the CIK-FIA website,



U18 & Academy: Prologue at Jesolo

Although we must wait until 8 July to see the real start to the CIK-FIA “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy, Competitors who wished to were treated to a trial gallop on 4 June on the Pista Azzura of Jesolo, near Venice (ITA). Half the Academicians and Drivers of the World Championship for 15-18 year-olds were able to immerse themselves in the specific atmosphere of these competitions of a type recently introduced by the CIK-FIA and, for a whole sunny day, to dispose of the equipment with which they will compete in the coming weeks at Ortona (10 July), at Essay (28 August) and in Bahrain (5 November).  

The day before these tests, the Academy Trophy Drivers were allocated by drawing lots their Parolin chassis for the season and spent the day installing their seat, their bodywork decoration and a few other components necessary for the next day’s running, as well as fitting their tyres (LeCont) and filling up their fuel tanks with the E10 petrol supplied by Panta. As for the U18 World Championship Drivers, they got hold of their chassis of the make with which they have entered, and they received by drawing lots a WKE engine.

After this initial day of technical and administrative “formalities” ended by an information session, the Drivers ran on the track on the Saturday from 8h30 to 15h30. As well as using their equipment for the first time, most of them discovered this Jesolo circuit which in the past revealed some prestigious champions. Its course is reputed difficult to learn, so no one was really surprised to see the local Drivers achieve the fastest lap-times, both in the U18 category (Favaro and Marchesan) and in the Academy (Pillon). The time differences were smaller among the 13-15 year-olds, whose level announces itself as very competitive.

While the largest number of Competitors present at these tests were logically Europeans, some Drivers from out of our continent had nonetheless made the trip, like the South-African Chad Maciver, the Venezuelan Sergio Lopez and the Bahrainis Abdulla Al Thawadi and Adeeb Kuzbar.

The rendez-vous is set at the weekend of 8, 9 and 10 July in the Italian Abruzzi, on the brand-new track of Ortona, for the life-size opening of the 2011 CIK-FIA U18 World Championship and Academy Trophy, with 134 Drivers from the five continents!

To view the photo album of the event, click here >> 



Entry list U18

83 Drivers at the Start of the “U18” World Championship!

The second edition of the CIK-FIA “U18” Karting World Championship sees its entry list gain 20% compared to 2010. They will be 83 at the start this year whereas they were only 70 twelve months ago. And this progression is accompanied by a real globalisation of participants as all 5 continents are now represented, as well as a total of 28 countries (compared to 24 in 2010).

While Intrepid is still the make preferred by Drivers, there are as many (11) who will compete at the wheel of a Righetti Ridolfi kart. Sodi is the third brand in terms of entries, and the two new makes at the start, Zanardi and Swiss Hutless, make a convincing entry with respectively 7 and 5 participants. The World Champion make in 2010 thanks to Jake Dennis, Top Kart will also have extra representatives, passing from 3 in 2010 to 7 Drivers this season.

There will be 6 pilots starting with MS KART chassis, 4 of them are from Czech Republic.

As often in Karting, the Italian delegation will have the largest number of entries with 13 Drivers in the starting-blocks, against 9 for France and 7 for the United Kingdom as well as to Lithuania, which comes as a (pleasant) surprise. And for the first time in the history of the CIK-FIA Karting World Championship, the entry list includes Drivers from the Oman Sultanate, Bahrain and Byelorussia!

The opening of the Championship is scheduled for 8, 9 and 10 July on the new track of Ortona (ITA) but these 15-18 year-old Drivers will be invited to an initial friendly rendez-vous at Jesolo on 3 and 4 June to discover their equipment and impregnate themselves with the special atmosphere of this World Championship of a new kind which was undeniably quite convincing in 2010, so much so that it has appealed to many new competitors!

To discover the entry list click here >>


Information – U18 Testing Days

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

Please find attached an information sheet, entry form and time table for the (optional) "Test Days" of the 2011 CIK-FIA "U18" World Karting Championship and Academy Trophy, that will take place at Jesolo (ITA) on June 3-4, 2011. 

The official entry list for the 2011 CIK-FIA U18 World Karting Championship will be published soon. Nearly 90 entry aopplications have been registered, which is a major increase compared to 2010.

The sporting regulations of the Championship can be downloaded via the following link:  >>   

The calendar of the U18 WKC comprises three events (Italy, France, Bahrain), plus an optional day of tests during which the WKE engines will be made available to you, free of charge, by Parolin. These tests will take place on Saturday 4 June at the Pista Azzura of Jesolo (close to Venice in Italy). On the day before, i.e. Friday 3 June, the chassis will be allocated by drawing lots and the seats and certain accessories will be installed (for those of you not taking part in these tests, the allocation of the equipment will take place the day before the first event, on Thursday 7 July at Ortona). The provisional programme for these days is given in appendix, together with information on the Jesolo circuit.

Please return to us the form which is attached, duly filled in, should you take part in these preliminary tests or not, by fax (+41 22 3061090) or by email ( before Wednesday 25 May 2011.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and we shall get back to you with further information on the 2011 CIK-FIA U18 World Karting Championship within the next few days!

With all our best sporting regards,
Vincent CARO
Executive Secretary of the CIK-FIA 

Extra Drivers And Extra Nations In The “U18” And Academy Trophy!

The second edition of the “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy announces itself under the most favourable auspices: although entries are not yet closed (they are even extended until 15 May at midnight), it is already established that there will be more entries than in 2010.

In the “U18” World Championship there will be at least 10% more entries than twelve months ago and the number of nations represented is following the same progression. Absent from the list of participants in 2010, countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Bahrain, the Sultanate of Oman, South Africa and Australia will see at least one of their licence-holders defend their national colours at Ortona (10 July), Essay (28 August) and in Bahrain (5 November).

Further to the success it achieved in 2010 the Academy Trophy is also taking an even more international dimension thanks to the direct involvement of new ASNs. In addition to the countries represented last year, the CIK-FIA has already registered the entries of Drivers selected by the Federations of Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania and Turkey!



„Discovery” Days at Jesolo for “U18” Drivers And Academicians


It is on a track laden with history that “U18” World Championship and Academy Trophy Drivers will be invited to get to know the equipment with which they will participate in these prestigious competitions. The Jesolo “Pista Azzura” has seen they greatest Drivers and hosted the biggest events: several World Championships (1987 and 1990), many European Championships, and that “Coppa dei Campioni” (Champions’ Cup) which was the most coveted non-championship event with the largest number of entries in the 1970’s and 80’s.On 3 and 4 June the CIK-FIA will pitch its paddock tents at that venue to welcome the World Championship competitors & Academicians and enable them to discover the context of these CIK-FIA-designed championships. These “tests days” will take place over two days. Friday will be dedicated to the distribution of chassis by drawing lots, the installation of engines and the fitting of items necessitating a precise placing, to begin with the seat. Every supplier entered in the competitions will be present at the circuit, namely Parolin for the U18 WKE engines and the complete Academy Paolin-FIM karts, Panta (second generation E10 fuel), LeCont (tyres) and all the chassis brands in competition for the World Make title (Zanardi, Swiss Hutless, Top Kart, MS Kart, Sodi, Tecno, Mach 1, Righetti Ridolfi, Haase, Maranello, Intrepid, Jesolo, PCR, Energy and Parolin).The free practice sessions will take place from 9 hours to 16 hours on Saturday. The choice of Jesolo for these tests should please not only the Drivers, who will find a difficult and demanding course, but in addition their families and those accompanying them are bound to enjoy the town’s touristic appeal, its lido, its beeches and proximity to Venice. Plenty to combine business with pleasure in this Ascension weekend!

U18 Test days
The test days will be held on 3 – 4th June 2011 on Jesolo circuit in Italy.



 (PDF 528 KB)


After a successful maiden edition, the 2011 CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will start next summer and retain youth, cost reduction and education as leitmotivs.

Thanks to the exceptional offers from Parolin and LeCont, Drivers will be able to compete for a supreme FIA title at lower costs since engines and tyres will be supplied to them free of charge!

The opening of entries is set at Friday 1st April 2011 (from 10 hours). The number of entries will be limited to 102. Entries will be validated according to their order of arrival, which means that it will be preferable to fill out one’s entry form as soon as possible!

Summary of the broad lines of the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship:

CIK-FIA «U18» World Karting Championship, 2nd edition.

For any Driver holding an international A, B, C-Sr or C-Jr licence and born between 01.01.1993 and 31.12.1996.

Events at Ortona (ITA) on 8-10 July 2011, Essay (FRA) on 26-28 August 2011 and Bahrain (BHR) on 3-5 November 2011. Regarding the event scheduled for Bahrain, the Organiser will take care of the go-and-return trip transport of the equipment, and some special conditions will be granted for the participants’ accommodation.

Single-make KF engines (WKE/FIM) and tyres (LeCont) supplied free of charge and distributed by drawing lots to all the Drivers. Chassis chosen by the Competitor amongst the following makes: Energy, Haase, Intrepid, Jesolo, Mach 1, Maranello, MS Kart, Parolin, PCR, Righetti Ridolfi, Sodi, Swiss Hutless, Tecno, Top Kart and Zanardi. «E10» single-fuel of ecological type supplied by Panta.

Entry between 1st April and 10 May via:

Budget per event estimated at 2,250 €, entry fee and paddock awning included.

24,000 € in prizes to the award winners (as prize money and awarding of equipment, offered by FIM, LeCont and Panta). Official CIK-FIA World Champion title at the end of the championship, with awarding of the world trophy at the annual FIA Gala which gathers all the other FIA disciplines (F1, WRC, WTCC, GT1, F2, etc.). Big media coverage. EduKart educational programme.

Information: the total cost of the 2011 „U18“ Championship to be paid to CIK/FIA

The details are as follows, for the 3 Championship races (excl. the test days) :

- engine accessories (inlet silencer, radiator and battery): 375 € set per contract between FIA & Parolin under the engine delivery conditions (like last year)

- tyres: racing tyres free of charge; non-qualifying practice tyres (2 new sets at Round 1, 1 new set at Round 2 and 1 new set at Round 3) delivered by LeCont: 149 € /set (same price for rain tyres, if needed for non-qualifying practice)

- fuel: delivered by Panta again, E10 type fuel at 4.38 € /liter. System is changed for this year : drivers will not have to buy 25-liter cans. Fuel will be delivered on drivers' request inside the servicing park. A kind of centralized petrol station will be built inside the parc fermé area. This is to avoid people having to bring back half-empty cans after the event (which is very difficult - impossible, in fact ! - for people who come to the race by flight - especially the non-European drivers in U18 and Academy). Panta will count the quantities delivered to each driver during events and invoice them accordingly to each Driver. For a budget estimation, you can consider a driver uses approx. 40 liters per event. The 4.38 € price doesn't include the price of the single-make lubricant (decided by Parolin).

- race control equipment : same as last year (75 € for the Alspy/clutch control kit; 45 € for the camera holder kit; 30 € for the timekeeping transponder holder)

- non-qualifying practice track fee: same as last year (60 €)

- rental costs of the paddock awning: this is now fully included in the entry fee, which is 1.965 € (instead of 1,090 € in 2010 + 3 x 265 €/event for paddock). This was asked by many competitors last year, who told us it would have been better (and easier) to collect the paddock rental fee in advance, instead of charging it at each event, which required cash money.

Best regards,
Vincent CARO
Executive Secretary of the CIK-FIA



2011 CIK-FIA "U18" World Karting Championship


The 2011 edition of the CIK-FIA «U18» Karting World Championship will see a fight between more chassis makes than in 2010.

To the 13 brands which in 2010 competed for the world title two other makes will be added: Zanardi and Swiss Hutless.

The other makes at the start will be, in alphabetical order: Energy, Haase, Intrepid, Jesolo, Mach 1, Maranello, MS Kart, Parolin, PCR, Righetti Ridolfi, Sodi, Tecno and Top Kart.

«Having again at the beginning of the 2011 season all the makes which took part in the maiden edition of the «U18» World Championship, in 2010, is the best possible token of the success and justification of this competition, explained Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa, the CIK-FIA President. And to see two extra major makes join them is yet another very encouraging sign. I am pleased that all these brands associate themselves to the CIK-FIA’s efforts to promote a World Championship resolutely aimed at youngsters, education and big cost reduction.»

Reserved for 15 to 18 year-olds, this «U18» World Championship is meant to be accessible and its groundbreaking concept aims at the greatest possible equal opportunities. The KF engines (FIM, with the «WKE» marking) and the tyres (LeCont) are distributed by drawing lots and supplied on a free basis to all the Drivers.

Chassis are also allocated by drawing lots from among a minimum set of 20 examples which each make has agreed to submit to the CIK-FIA’s marking. The system indeed implies that every Driver must purchase a new chassis prior to the Championship but it has the huge advantage of guaranteeing an entirely fair treatment for all the users of a make. Even certain accessories such as rear axles, hubs or rims will be identified - on the basis of one single-type per make: a simple, stable, inexpensive and fair method. There is therefore no risk of seeing the appearance during the season of evolutions necessarily costly and possibly reserved for a handful of privileged customers.

Also in order to control costs, it will not be permitted to use karts with front brakes, and every Driver will be allowed to enter only one chassis. However, in the event of an accident, he will be entitled to replace it by a new one, taken at random from the remaining stock of chassis marked before the opening of the Championship. By entering, the Manufacturers have undertaken to be present at each Event in order to provide all of their Drivers with an optimal service and to place at their disposal any spare components which might prove to be necessary.

The CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will comprise three Events: Ortona (ITA) on 8-10 July, Essay (FRA) on 26-28 August and Bahrain (BHR) on 3-5 November 2011.

Drivers’ entries, limited to 102, will open on Friday 1st April


3. 2. 2011
The same like in 2010 our make MS KART will partecipate at the whole serie of the CIK/FIA 2011 „U18“ World Championship. We offer free places in our MS KART Racing Team besides the Czech pilot Jiri Forman. It is also possible to rent from us a MS KART chasssis for this championship and run it together witn your own team. For more info please contact us via e-mail or phone: +420-388313387 – Mrs. Milena Vachtfeitlova



Dear Sirs,

for Drivers and Entrants, the opening of the Championship entries is scheduled for Friday 1st April. Only chassis the Makes of which are entered in the Championship can be selected by Drivers when they send their entry applications.

As a reminder, within the framework of this Championship a single-supplier of engines has been designated by the FIA further to an invitation to tender procedure. Engines bearing the make “WKE” (as well as carburettors and ignition systems) will be supplied free of charge to all Drivers by the company Parolin. The radiator, the battery and the inlet silencer will be of a single-make and identical, supplied and sold by the engine supplier. The tyres designated by invitation to tender will be LeConts (LH08M for slicks), also supplied free to all Drivers for their qualifying practice and heats, as well as for the final phase races.

The 2011 Championship calendar will comprise three events:


8-10/07 at Ortona/ITA

26-28/08 at Essay/FRA

3-5/11 at Bahrain/BHR


plus two practice days on Friday & Saturday 3-4/06 (circuit to be shortly designated). The distribution of chassis by drawing lots to the entered Drivers will be carried out on the occasion of these two test days.

The Sporting Regulations of the Championship can be seen via the following link:$FILE/Web_RS%20U18%20WKC%202011.pdf?Openelement
We remain at your disposal for any additional information.

Yours faithfully,

Vincent CARO

Executive Secretary of the CIK-FIA