Sezona 2014

14.4.2014, Sweden

 Hi Milena,

We has make our first Race now and it was the "Klippan Cup". It is one of the biggest race for this year and it was 38 participant in Rasmus Class and he ended at the 5 place after a race accident in the first corner. He was 11 for a while then he drive weary good so he ended  as number 5.

8.4.2014 - Testování Superkartů na trati v Oscherslebenu / SRN, 5.-6. 4. 2014

Začátkem nové závodní sezony 2014 zorganizoval pořadatel seriálu European Superkart Series (ESS) 2 testovací dny na okruhu v německém Oscherslebenu.

19.3.2014, Panama

Good day Milena,

Yesterday was our second race of the season, and a very successful one again. This time we had more drivers competing and great results.

14.3.2014, Cheb ČR

 Přípravy na novou sezonu 2014 vrcholí: jezdci továrního týmu MS KART Milan Šnajdr / KZ, Jan Maleček / MINI 60 a Viktor Juštík / KZ testovali spolu s doprovodem a továrními mechaniky Jiřím a Michalem Kahudovými  tento týden na motokárové trati v Chebu.

12.02.2014, Panama

Good day Milena,

Last weekend Feb. 01-02 was our first race of the season.

I was very excited/nervous for our MS Kart Team Panama, as is always when we start the season.

Didn’t know what to expect from the new members, I had been working/training them for the past months in the offseason, but on race weekends things get serious. The team was not complete for this first race, but it should by next race. Many drivers were not ready or out of the country. But in all, a very good start.