Sezona 2014

30.9.2014, Ukraine

Hi Milena,

I send you a picture of my group of pilots of the city of Pavlograd 2014.

Best regards,
Igor Sazanov 

23.9.2014, Pohár AČR Vysoké Mýto

Na závěrečném závodě poháru AČR ve Vysokém Mýtě se nesešlo mnoho jezdců. Náš tým měl pouze jednoho zástupce ve startovním poli a to ve třídě MINI 60.

9.9.2014, MČR Cheb


 Po čtyřech dnech odpočinku jsme se opět sešli na závodní dráze Ypsilonka v Chebu. O prvním zářiovém víkendu se zde jel předposlední závod seriálu Mistrovství České republiky.

3.9.2014, Estonia

Dear Milena,

Mattias Ringberg took the victories of the last four races in our local
hobby drivers series called Harrastajate Kardisari. Thats how he is the
winner also series in OPEN cathegory.

Best regards,
Aksel Weiler

2.9.2014, Jack Dex Racing / UK

Hi Milena,

Find attached some photos from recent events we have been doing in the UK.


Ve dnech 29.8 – 31.8. 2014 se uskutečnily závody Karting Cupu na motokárové dráze Ypsilonka v Chebu.

27.8.14 - 2014 EPEC (Rd 6 of 10) Eindhoven 24hr

Some teams had gone over early to combine a mini break with  the race. The weather was cool and breezy but improved all the way to race day and a  temperature of 340C. The  unremitting sunshine burnt the unwary. 

Race day , of course, was therefore WET !

27.8.14 - 2014 EPEC (Rd 5 of 10, 8 to count*) 6hr Rowrah June 15th

The weather was hot, dry and sunny.

Control engines supplied to 98 Baron, 4 ALPHA, and 8 BRM Stretton.


27.8.14 - 2014 EPEC Rd 3 of 10 24 Hours of the Isle of Man 3-4 May

EPEC is an abbreviation for European Prokart Endurance Championship and an early morning drive to a ferry reinforces the nomenclature. Two hours later we were in the Isle of Man which was not living up to it's reputation as a sundrenched paradise.

The following day restored it's reputation and the track itself proved to be an example of the experience. Up the way, the view of the track was bordered by the usual mix of industrialised buildings, but down the way a truly beautiful backdrop of rolling hills could be seen beyond the twisting , elevated track.


27.8.14 - 2014 EPEC Rd 2 (of 10) at TEESSIDE 17 April

The weather was again an issue with sunshine and showers predicted. In the event, although cold, it was dry sunny weather all day.