27.8.14 - 2014 EPEC Rd 2 (of 10) at TEESSIDE 17 April

The weather was again an issue with sunshine and showers predicted. In the event, although cold, it was dry sunny weather all day.

98 Baron had dominated round 1 and were looking to repeat the experience for round 2. 13 Red Racing had shown great pace in the previous round but mechanical problems took them out of contention. 33 Q Racing were again threatening to turn their pace into podiums. 4 ALPHA are always a threat and were implementing some new ideas. 43 MS SoCo had found the cause of their loss of pace and were hoping to return to winning ways. In short, all the competitors were expecting this to be their day.

The Championship is as level a field as you could hope for with ; same fuel for everyone, min weight, same tyres from the same source purchased at the same time and distributed by lottery, GX200 Extreme engines adjusted to be within 0.2hp of each other, control engines for top 3 plus any others that attract interest. Scrutineering ( courtesy of Kelvin Nicholls and Roger Pitchford -engines) and spotters for Driving standards.

The Organisers must be doing something right as word is spreading and the grid was up to 39 karts for this event.



The first 19 karts were covered by 1 sec and p1 to p10 by 0.3 sec so we were expecting a close race. 

1st 43 MS SoCo 46.94
2nd 98 Baron Racing 47.04
3rd 443 MS Lucas 47.06



43 MS SoCo took their pole into the lead closely followed by 98 Baron Racing and 13 Red Racing . These 2 battled each other, swapping the lead and allowing 43 MS SoCo to move away and build up a lead. 33 Q Racing and 4 ALPHA also had their turns at the podium places as the fuel stops unfurled. 1 Titan Motorsports performed well until an altercation with another kart ended their challenge. The Kartforce Teams had had their karts stolen before the race and a media storm on facebook led to their return in time for the race. I wonder what the next task might be for the SAS ? Anyway they raced with their usual gusto and ended with the GX160 class win. The Teesside EKL teams also entered and performed well embarassing some “Extreme” teams along the way. 23 POT Racing and 44 MS JSR II also were joined together in the first session until the experience of 23 took them away.

The fuel stops caused some frantic activity as “designer” weights decided not to come off as easily as “designed” and time was lost which requires a lot of fast laps to make up.


43 MS SoCo won with a comfortable lead from 13 Red Racing and 98 Baron Racing. 33 Q Racing have still not managed a podium despite two 4th place finishes.


Overall Clubman H1 Class

1st 43 MS SoCo 10 Kartforce Alive to Drive 6 Teesside Tigers

2nd 13 Red Racing 12 Kartforce No Passengers 29 Coseley

3rd 98 Baron Racing 11 Kartforce Bulldog Balls 24 Teesside Lightning

4th 33 Q Racing

5th 4 ALPHA



EPEC Championship after 2 rounds


1st 98 Baron Racing 118
2nd 43 MS SoCo Select 110
3rd 4 ALPHA 103






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Race Organisers ---- Teesside Autodrome 01642 – 231 117