20.11.2014, Panama

Good day Milena,

I am very happy to inform you that after a long and controversial season I managed to take home the championship.
It was all decided in the last and final event of the season. When I came to visit you in July, I missed a race so that made me loose lots of points that my closest rival manages to use in his favor and was on the lead of the championship until last race of the season. Its important to let you know about this because out of 7 races in the season I raced 6 and won 5 of them and still was behind by 3 points entering the final race this last weekend. So I had to win the race and my closest rival had to come in 3rd place or worse, and it happened so I think there is a fair God looking into this things and when something is for you and you deserve it, it will sure happen!! I am super happy with this results and I wanted to let you know as well as send you some pictures.

My BlueFalcon chassis with TM KZ10B engine was the fastest all season, I managed track records in all tracks we raced in and this gave me a good feeling that I have the best combination for success.

Thanks a lot for all your support throughout the season and I hope 2015 will be even better!!!

Martin Sosa