19.3.2014, Panama

Good day Milena,

Yesterday was our second race of the season, and a very successful one again. This time we had more drivers competing and great results.

On the TAG Jr. Class again Bernardo Corbillon made a great appearance and still new to sport managed to do some fast lap times and good racing, not enough for podium but that class is extremely competitive right now. I am sure we be hearing from him later on the season. His Blue Falcon KF was impeccable.

On TAG Sr. and TAG Masters that are racing together we had Sam Gander, an old veteran of karting who returned only to dominate in his Blue Falcon KZ (modified to meet TAG rules, so basically a KF). He was almost as fast as the TAG Sr. class with 20kg extra in weight because of rules. Myself raced also TAG Sr. this time on an old RCA26 Chassis and I had problems with brakes all weekend so I had to drop out. But I was right there with leaders. Maybe next time.

On Shifter KZ class we had Nolito Henriquez, Oscar Teran and myself. We had a very competitive race. Nolito manages a 2nd place and Oscar was on par with the front group but had engine failures. Myself managed to make pole position with a 41.9 (my previous track record is 41.83) and win the race for the second time in a row. My Blue Falcon KZ was impeccable as well, and my TM KZ10B engine was strong.

Here are some pictures:
Bernado Corbillon - Kart#416
Sam Gander - Kart #344
Nolito Henriquez - Kart #120
Oscar Teran - Kart #110
Martin Sosa - Kart #119