21.7.2013, Finland

Hi Milena,

this weekend Team Laine driver Leevi Lintukanto was in Töysä. There was national Raket Race Weekend and Leevi was dominating his class. On Saturday there was a little bit difficulties with carburetors and on Sunday one engine has problem, but still Leevi won three heats and both finals.

In this season Leevi has won 14 finals and more will be coming, I think.

Next weekend there are still races and after that we keep one weekend off, because of Gamma Racing Day in Assen, the Netherlands. We are going to cheer MS Kart Factory Superkart driver Adam Kout to won his first European Championship race. Like we all know, MS Kart is the only chassis manufacturer in the world who has all version from baby kart to Superkart. We are proud to use MS Kart chassis.

Best Regards,
-- Marko Laine --
-- Team Laine --


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