20.6.2013, Finland

Hi Milena, 

last weekend was busy with Leevi in Lahti Raket Race Weekend and we got two new MS Kart drivers also there. Leevi’s race weekend was again a successfull. He was fast the whole weekend, but on Saturday there was a little mistake with tyres and he lost the victory. Final result on Saturday was 4th.

One more thing learned and on Sunday Leevi was faster than ever. Qualifying and Pre-Final was tight, but in the Final Leevi didn’t gave any chance to others and the winning margin was over 11 seconds. He was about 1 second faster per lap that others. Maybe he’s new suit gave him a little more speed.
The storm came right after the race, but like you see, MS Kart drivers don’t care.
Best Regards,
-- Marko Laine --
-- Team Laine --


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