16.7.2013, Finland

Hi Milena,

MS Kart going strong in Finland. 

Last weekend Team Laine driver Leevi Lintukanto won both days in Jämsä national karting race. Another MS Kart driver Matias Salonen was second on Saturday and third on Sunday.

This weekend there was three MS Kart drivers on podium in Kangasala on Saturday.

Leevi, with MS Kart Mini 950 Super Kadet, was second in his class, just 0,1 second behind the winner. In 15 laps leader changed 8 times, so that was great race. Leevi is leading the series.

Juho Parviainen, with MS Kart Kadet 1010, was also second in his class. He has a good fight the whole race and great result at the final. Juho is second in the series.

Kimi Asumaniemi, with MS Kart RCA 26 / Rotax Max, was very fast in qualifying, only 0,1 second behind Rotax DD2 class pole. Rotax DD2 and Rotax Max was in the same race. In the final Kimi started well but after exhaust broke a little, the engine wasn’t strong enough to fight for the victory. Still great third position.

Totally 54 competitors, four MS Kart drivers and three of those on podium. Not bad at all.

Best Regards,
-- Marko Laine --
-- Team Laine --


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