8.6.2012 - Austrálie

Hi Milena,
just finished unofficial practice ahead of our race weekend. We have a 4hr
on Saturday and a 5hr race on Sunday. The new karts MS PROKART are working
great, hard to say until tomorrow but judging by the speed we had today we
had the fastest kart there.
I let you know how we go here are a couple of pics from the pits.



Hi Milena,
after an exciting weekend of racing we came home with some great results for
our first outing in the new MS WARSPEED karts. On Saturday we qualified 2nd
missing out on pole by .0002 of a second. In the 4hr race on Saturday we
came home in first place by over 2 laps, second place was another MS
WARSPEED kart that we have supplied to another team(awesome 3some). Sunday
qualifying and we qualified 4th. We then had a 5hr race. But due to some
timing loop  issue's  the race was cut short to a 3hr race.kart was great
but we where 1 driver short,still we battled on and fought hard all race. We
lost some time due to a safety kart and being in the wrong position on the
track at the time but that's racing.We finished  5th. The top 7 karts
separated by 85 seconds. Overall we finished 2nd for the weekend and Awesome
3some MS kart finished 3rd. Overall a great weekend and with some more
testing we will be on a winner.

Thanks for everything !


Video: >>>