4.9.2012, Canada

Hello Milena, Well the Canadian Championship is over and my hopes of returning to the Worlds have been diminished.  Unfortunetaly, in the final as I was in the lead my motor started miss firing and I had to settle for 4th place. 

I was clearly the quickest in the Pre-Final, the kart was excellent but the motor let us down at the worst possible time.  In the qualifying races, the CRG team wanted to get me off the track because of how quick I was, 3 protests, and three of their drivers pushed me off the track before the officials sanction their team for bad behavior.  That's the problem when you are one against large teams.   

I'm very sorry, I would have been proud to win a second Canadian Championship for you and Milan, but my luck was not good on that day.  The last chance I would have would be to go to the Pan-Am championships in Denver Colorado in the USA (over 3000km away) for the final ticket to the Worlds.  The race involves an investment of over 6000$ and I'm not sure if I can afford that much for one race...

David Ivichek

Adrenaline Karting