3.12.2012, Sweden

Hello Milena!

Unfortunately the first snow just arrived last night in south Sweden so the race season is now officially over, though the last race was almost two months ago. Feels like an eternity until march when I will be able to race again. Hopefully winter will be mild and not so cold. 

During the season we struggled with finding the right set ups, and since we were been forced to race with terrible tires the task wasn't easy. Le Cont tires have changed a lot over the season, and the difference between earlier and later in the season is huge, and not in a good way. For every race the tires have been worse for each new batch and many of the drivers in Sweden were very miserable because of this. Driving on a set of old tires actually made the lap times up to 1 second better than on a brand new set, and that is not how I remembered kartracing. The worst part of all this is that some drivers managed to get their hands on a new set from a good batch that was made earlier on in the season which made many races totally a waste of time and money. Us other drivers didn't have a chance in the world to be as fast. In the end everyone was driving on old, used tires instead of bying a new set for the race since the old was way better anyway. 

I really hope that this is going to change in 2013, otherwise many drivers from Sweden will start racing in other countries instead. I will probably participate in the Danish series if we don't see a change. We did a race there on green Vega tires in september and the difference was like night and day. It was a completely different racing experience and I don't think I've ever had so much grip in my entire life. I really enjoyed racing there, and I live close to Denmark so it will not be a problem to get to races if we decide not to race in Sweden. 

Over and all, I am pleased with my first year in KZ2. I believe I've been quite consistent and I can tell that my driving has evolved a lot from when I started the season. Both me and my dad have learned something new after each race and I don't think that we will ever be fully taught. There is so much to learn on when moving up from Rotax Max to KZ2, but luckily we've got plenty of help during the season from friends that's been racing in the class for many years now and that helped a lot. 

When the season ended I managed to grab my first KZ2-podium in the South Swedish Kart Championship Final. I started the final from 6th position and had a long way up but I drove with all my heart and were the fastest kart on the track until I got behind the fighting karts on position 2nd and 3rd for a few laps. In the last corner I made my overtake of the year, and crossed the finishline as 3rd. Could be the happiest day of my life! 

After 9 races in this serie my place overall was 4th, and I am happy with that. I think it's a quite good start of my carreer in KZ2 since we've had both ups and downs during the season. 

I send you some pictures that we took during this year. In september we also got our new racingtent and we are really happy with it. :)

I would like to thank you for your support and kindness this season and I rally can't wait for next season to start and to race even better.

Best regards,
Amelie Qvick

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