29.3.2012, BELGIUM


Dear Milena,

Last week-end, on the 24th and 25th of March, was the first race of the BMC (Belgium Max Challenge) with more then 56 drivers in the Senior class ! 

Most of the best drivers of Europe are on the circuit. (This weekend is the first race of the European Max Challenge).

With only one test with the new MS Blue Falcon chassis, Maxime Lannoo (11) and Gil Turpyn (10)  discovered the MS Kart for the second time the day of the race.

The challenge was quite interesting.

Different set up have been tested in a limited time. 

Final results: Maxime 15 place and Gil on P17.

The next race will be at the end of April  on the circuit of Genk, enough time to test the new Blue Falcon chassis.

Best regards,