27.6.2012 - SWEDEN

Järfälla Race Weekend

I had a pretty shy morning startup with a 9th and a 11th position in my groups at practice (KZ2). For the qualifying practice I had the 11th place out of 41 participants in total which led to a 9th and 10th position on the grid for the heats.
For heat number one, after a quite good start I managed to overtake two competitors during the race placing myself as No. 7 after a bit of struggle. Heat No two I was a bit eager and got myself a 10 sec punishment after a false start, which later on was removed since I did not gain anything myself. The race was not so hectic and I could advance from a 10th to a 6th position.
In the prefinal I was out as the 8th driver on the grid, this was quite good since the outside of the track is the best to start from, unfortunately after a flying start two drivers collided in front of me forcing me to avoid one just to hit the other in the side causing me to drop down to No 14th, 20 laps and hard racing later I managed to at least retake my position as No 8th on the grid for the final.
From my 8th position again the start this time was different after the start I was out as No 4, a few laps later I got passed by one driver but managed to keep up with the phase the drivers in third and fourth place held. With nine laps remaining I retook my place as No. 4 and with 6 laps left after some rain splashes I also overtook driver No. 3, this was my final position this weekend. The driver finishing first and second got away after overtaking and I had no chance to catch up.
It was a good weekend to “practice” for the coming Swedish championship and I think the MS works amazing although we had some problems to get the rear end to grip as much as the front. The cart was well balanced and like a dream to drive. I realized since I have not been able to drive so much myself this was a good and satisfying warmup for me to!
Yours sincerely  
Andreas Forss