UK - 26.4.2011


Howard Lucas has asked me to send you some pictures from round 2 of EPEC 2011 at
Clay Pigeon on 24th April 2011.
There were 22 MS karts on the grid of 38 karts and the 43 Kart ( Stephen
White, Steven Welsh and Jamie Stubbs) qualified on Pole and went on to win
the 6hour race y 34 sec to add to the previous clean sweep and build a
commanding lead at this early stage of the season. Last season they finished
5th in this round and went on to win the Championship. Since that 5th place
finish MS Lucas have won every race they have competed in for the last year.

Jim White 


Pole        43 MS SoCo 1           MS / RPM                           Pro
2nd         4 Alpha                    MS / RPM                           Pro
3rd          443 MS SoCo II         MS / RPM                           Pro
4th          98 Baron                  MS / UFO                           Pro

1st           8 Stretton                MS / RPM                           Clubman
2nd          82  Portsdown Racing
3rd          15 NKT - Transitex MS / RPM                               Clubman   (This is a
Portuguese team commuting from Barcelona on an MS Race Hire kart, they won
the  Clubman class)

Race result

1st    43 MS SoCo I    by 34 sec from                               MS

2nd        75 AJB                                                            MS

3rd         443 MS SoCo II                                                MS

4th         92 Balljoint                                                      MS

5th         4 Alpha                                                           MS


7th overall but     1st Clubman        15 NKT – Transitex       MS

8th                     2nd Clubman       46 Grassroots              MS

9th                     3rd Clubman       22 Black Fleas              MS 

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