France - 7.7.2011

MS KART won the 24 hours race in Le Mans !

Hello karters,

well, excellent trip to Le Mans last weekend for the high-light of our karting year - the 24-hour race at the "Circuit Alain Prost" Howard's team won - you have to be called "Steven" to race or crew on that team...... Alpha/AJB were second, also on an MS chassis and were challenging kart 43 very hard until they lost a chain and dropped back. Racing for Holland were third on a kart and kit they rented from Howard !

Autotec were fourth - Jamie, Lee and the two Joe's run by Jeff Johnson.

Fifth place and first in Clubman were GKD-Balmforth, run by Mike Thoms, doing his Ross Brawn impressions on the pit-wall, drivers were three youngsters, (Mark Brown and Tim Oliver who race at Warden Law, Howard's son Connor), and one old codger - we should run a "Seniors" team next year !

Sixth was the "Offline" team, who ran as "Snatch" last year, another kart rented from Howard !  Stretton were 7th, another MS team.

Tom and Mick McDonald were 8th, with Karl North from SAS and Sam Tugwell on the team, great recovery after a challenging start !

Other teams from Three Sisters included Format - Dave Heath, racing with Brian from Pitlane 2000 and Rhauri and Mark from "Controlled" and Blackflea - Tony and Tibbsy drafting in Rob Quinn from Roch Valley and Mark from SAS.

Jim White has posted some pictures on-line at >>>

Final results are still up at >>>  at the moment.

Don't forget next race at Wigan on Tuesday 19th, on the full circuit again. British GP this weekend, let's hope McLaren can find a bit of pace to challenge the Red Bulls !  a wet race might give Lewis and Jenson a chance !!

Lucas Racing, UK 


Vážení obchodní přátelé, dovolujeme si Vás upozornit, že v termínu od 30.7. – 10.8.2018 probíhá ve firmě MS KART s.r.o. celozávodní dovolená.
K dispozici Vám budeme opět od pondělí 13.8.2018.
Děkujeme za pochopení a těšíme se na další spolupráci.

11.7.2018 - SPA 24 hour race

Výprodej pneumatik 2018


844Ca, Cb Taška na pneumatiky MS KART – modrá, červená 

863Bb, Bc Vlajka MS KART „Beach“ 220 a 340 cm 

863Ca Vlajka MS KART 130 x 85 cm

850Ge - Samolepky na plasty MS KART – model 2017

861Ca Tričko MS KART

861Cb Tričko MS KART – dětské

MS KART je oficielním prodejcem elektronického měřícího zařízení AIM pro motokáry

Výprodej oblečení 2017

Použité motokáry do půjčovny

Motokára do půjčovny pro děti MS KART MINI RED SPARROW


Motokára do půjčovny MS KART RED CONDOR