12.02.2014, Panama

Good day Milena,

Last weekend Feb. 01-02 was our first race of the season.

I was very excited/nervous for our MS Kart Team Panama, as is always when we start the season.

Didn’t know what to expect from the new members, I had been working/training them for the past months in the offseason, but on race weekends things get serious. The team was not complete for this first race, but it should by next race. Many drivers were not ready or out of the country. But in all, a very good start.

We had drivers in Shifter class and TAG Jr.


  1. Martin Sosa (myself) – Blue Falcon/TM KZ10B – Kart #119

  2. Nolito Henriquez – RCA26C/TM K9B – Kart #120

  3. Oscar Teran – RCA2C/Maxter

TAG Jr: Berbardo Corbillon – Blue Falcon/Vortex ROKTT – Kart #416


Nolito and Bernardo are both new to the sport and this was their first race ever.

I was surprised at how well they did; Nolito managed a 3rd place finish in Shifter and a best lap time of 43.5 (he was in high 44´s before the race), while Bernardo got 5th on a class that had 10 karts with older and more experimented drivers, and also managed to do some fast laps.

On my part I was very pleased with my Kart set up and engine perfectly tunned, I managed to make pole position with a time almost 1 seg faster than second position and a time that was almost a track record. I have the track record still with a time of 41.83 and on this race qualy I managed to do a 42.06, so very fast kart and I was able to win all 3 heat races. 


See pictures below


Myself and Nolito on the back:

Shifter podium + Bernardo and his sister


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