13.11.2012, Singapore

Hi Milena, Jana,

attached some photos of the Singapore karting championship Round 4 which was held at Singapore Marina at the F1 Track. Our Team did well in the race, Jamie Teo get 2nd in the master class which he leaded from quanlifying till pre final. Our Ben Chen for the senior class get 3rd in his class.



Hi Milena,
this is the SKC interview with our driver Jamie Teo:

1. Jamie, arguably the most epic battle of round 4 saw you battling with Eric. Your drive was simply amazing. Tell us about it.

The team had a good setup all weekend. Late friday practice I received some bad news about my grandma and had to leave  before finishing the practice session. The next day I was contemplated to pull out of round 4 but the team persuaded  me to continue. 

We showed pace during qualifying and the heats. Then going into finals, Eric showed the pace and it was just swapping places with him till later i was caught behind a back marker.  From there i couldnt catch up with Eric, he managed to find the pace in the finals and deserved the win. Congrates to him and his team.  

2. Your machinery worked fantastically over the weekend. How important is it to have a team like yours strongly behind you? 

Element Motorsports did a fantastic job in preparing a good package with the MS kart and TM engine for me the whole weekend.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for their hard work and dedication to bring us to the podium. 

Element Motorsports is a young team compared to the other more experienced teams. The team is constantly improving and learning from their race experiences. 

A fantastic team for inexperienced drivers to enter into the sport and  learn the basics of karting. 

Having seen what the international boys can do aspires the team to push and work harder and learn more. 

3. The SKC at a circuit almost 1km in length under F1 lights. What was the experience like?

Putting both the venue and atmosphere together with the international field of drivers while racing under the F1 lights just brings the event to a totally new experience for both the drivers and spectators.  

Hopefully this will attract  new people into karting and in return spectators and sponsors.  

A big thank you to Singapore GP and Autoinc to help bring the SKC to this iconic venue. Also to cordlife, Hifi.Com.Sg, Zymol, MyTransport.Sg, NS.sg, Vega Tyres and the crew at Havelock for sponsoring the x30 challenge.

Most but not least thank you to SMSA, the marshals and officials and volunteers,

for without them the race would not have been safe for everyone.   

4. You pointed Eric by at one point in the final race. What was happening there?

As we came out of hairpin turn 1, Eric had a better exit speed and was slightly ahead but was on the outside going into the next turn the tight right left chicane. I had the inside line advantage, but one of us had to give way or both will end up in the barriers. However, both of us actually reduced speed at the same time and both of us had the same intention to let each other go first.  

5. It looks like the Masters guys get along well at the sharp end of the grid. How do you separate what happened on the circuit and staying friends in the pitlane?

It has been the way since I started racing in the skc series. The respect goes out to the other top drivers  Paul Lee, Eric Ho, Kenneth Smith, Ong Kian Leong and Yap Kheng Weng who showed us how we all can be good sportsman and yet be competitive in the circuit. 

The race will then only be enjoyed for its with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with other competitors. 


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