UK - 16.8.2011

Hi Milena,

These pictures are from 2011 Kartmania Honda Challenge at Rowrah. Kart 43 Steven Welsh MS Lucas Racing won 2 heats and the Final with a 2nd in the outstanding heat. Although provisional, we believe that this means that he has secured the Championship with one round still to go.

Howard Lucas has continued with his winning ways even though the opposition was closer this round than they have been in the past.

The 7 karts of Michael Kew and Adam Saunders posting fastest laps in the heats. However, in the Final 4 of the top 5 karts were MS.

There are some video of Ht 1 where 43 came from the back to 2nd And the Final 2011 Kartmania Honda Challenge Rowrah 14 Aug Final

 2011 Kartmania Honda Challenge Rowrah 14 Aug Ht 1

Lucas Racing, UK

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