France - 7.7.2011

MS KART won the 24 hours race in Le Mans !

Hello karters,

well, excellent trip to Le Mans last weekend for the high-light of our karting year - the 24-hour race at the "Circuit Alain Prost" Howard's team won - you have to be called "Steven" to race or crew on that team...... Alpha/AJB were second, also on an MS chassis and were challenging kart 43 very hard until they lost a chain and dropped back. Racing for Holland were third on a kart and kit they rented from Howard !

Autotec were fourth - Jamie, Lee and the two Joe's run by Jeff Johnson.

Fifth place and first in Clubman were GKD-Balmforth, run by Mike Thoms, doing his Ross Brawn impressions on the pit-wall, drivers were three youngsters, (Mark Brown and Tim Oliver who race at Warden Law, Howard's son Connor), and one old codger - we should run a "Seniors" team next year !

Sixth was the "Offline" team, who ran as "Snatch" last year, another kart rented from Howard !  Stretton were 7th, another MS team.

Tom and Mick McDonald were 8th, with Karl North from SAS and Sam Tugwell on the team, great recovery after a challenging start !

Other teams from Three Sisters included Format - Dave Heath, racing with Brian from Pitlane 2000 and Rhauri and Mark from "Controlled" and Blackflea - Tony and Tibbsy drafting in Rob Quinn from Roch Valley and Mark from SAS.

Jim White has posted some pictures on-line at >>>

Final results are still up at >>>  at the moment.

Don't forget next race at Wigan on Tuesday 19th, on the full circuit again. British GP this weekend, let's hope McLaren can find a bit of pace to challenge the Red Bulls !  a wet race might give Lewis and Jenson a chance !!

Lucas Racing, UK 

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