California, USA - 10.4.2011

MS Kart's RZF 29 takes victory in the first round of the 2011 Northern California Rotax Championship.
MS Kart's USA debut of its newest RZF 29 chassis proved a great success on the weekend, taking the first win of the year in the Junior Max series held at Jim Russell International Karting Center in Sonoma, California.
Defending two time Junior Max champion Brody Zink climbed aboard the new 2011 RZF chassis for the first time, setting pole position in qualifying,and going on to win all two heat races and the main event.
"We are extremely happy with the way this kart performed in its first race, there was little work needed to be competitive and tire wear was excellent throughout the race day" said Brody at the awards ceremony. "A credit to MS Kart"
Greg Zink, team principal stated that more testing of the RZF 29 would be performed in the coming weeks before competing at the next Rotax round. "We are very satisfied with this chassis" commented Greg at the end of the race meeting.
Obsah tohoto pole je soukromý a nebude veřejně zobrazen.
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